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MyLabConnect was built by Encircle Technologies in 2019 and become a game changer in the industry, giving reasonable commercial value. The multi-platform collaboration tool connects dental offices, dental labs, and DSOs through a real- time business workflow. It is a preferred platform across the dental network on a pay per use model (Platform As a Service) and can be used as a common front-end interface platform with labs and Intra Oral scanner and 3D printers . Built on an integrated engine and based on low coding development framework, it enables interoperability with third party systems. This includes revenue sharing partnership opportunities with multiple large technology providers in the space. The platform helps integration into the software to provide streamlined flow of data and services.

  •  Our software centralizes the dental laboratory industry to one comprehensive channel. With help from dental industry leaders, MyLabConnect connects dental practices, laboratories, dental service organizations and even independent design centers.
  • We are proud to offer real-time workflow management, enterprise resource management, dynamic customer engagement and most importantly, complete dental lab process transparency.
  • Manage your business with ease knowing you are giving you practices the best communication channel for dental laboratories and practices alike. Shaving off an average of 2 days in lab turnaround time, it's what we like to call a win-win-win! One for the labs, doctors and of course the dental service organization.
  • Ensure that your laboratories are performing to your expectations. Compare turnaround times, quality analytics, scan quality reports, lab spend management and more with real-time dashboards and exportable excels.
  • Real time case status tracking across the labs - Quality assessment through TAT and remakes - Business communication with dental practices and dental labs - Consolidated reports on practice view and lab view

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