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Zyris specializes in developing innovative dental technology solutions. Their primary focus is on creating advanced products that improve dental procedures and patient experiences.
Zyris is best known for their flagship product, the Isolite System. The Isolite System is an innovative dental device that combines illumination, isolation, and aspiration functions in a single device. It consists of a mouthpiece with a built-in light, suction, and retraction capabilities, allowing dentists to improve visibility and gain better control during dental procedures. The device is designed to enhance patient comfort by reducing the gag reflex, minimizing tissue and debris interference, and providing a more efficient and pleasant dental experience.

  • Commitment to Innovation: Zyris is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement in dental technology.
  • Infection Control: Zyris emphasizes infection control in dental practices.
  • Patient Comfort: Zyris prioritizes patient comfort in dental procedures.
  • Enhanced Dental Procedures: The Isolite System and other products offered by Zyris are designed to improve dental procedures.
  • Innovative Dental Technology: Zyris is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative dental technology solutions.

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