The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO)

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The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) supports dentist entrepreneurs, owners, executives, and leaders who see a future bigger than they can achieve alone by giving them the education, resources, and connections they need to grow their dental companies and fulfill their vision. DEO helps its members install DEO MAP, the only operating system built by dentist entrepreneurs, into their organizations. DEO MAP helps members generate more revenue and profit; recruit and retain happy, healthy, and productive associates and teams; create more impact; and build self-sustaining organizations that can run without them so they have more time to spend doing the things they enjoy.

  • The DEO is a training and education company with programs designed to teach dentist entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives how to fulfill their visions and grow their dental companies from practices to businesses, and from businesses to thriving organizations.
  • DEO teaches members how to install its proprietary dental-specific operating system, DEO MAP, into their organizations to build a self-managing, growing, entrepreneurial dental company.
  • DEO MAP is the first operating system of its kind, created specifically for dental entrepreneurs of growing dental companies. Using the journey of successfully climbing a mountain as its metaphor, DEO MAP guides dental leaders through four phases of every dental entrepreneur’s journey.
  • Members learn how to install the 10 foundational DEO MAP elements to build a self-managing, growing, entrepreneurial dental company. Additionally, DEO offers education, training, membership programs, resources, connection, events, and more.
  • DEO hosts a once-yearly Growth Summit, a conference for dental entrepreneurs and dental leaders looking to successfully grow their dental practice, dental group, or DSO.

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