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Teledentistry.com is proud to provide its own proprietary network of live on-demand dentists for deployment of various use cases: Dental Service Organizations, Insurance Companies and Universities use Teledentistry.com

  • Dental Support Organizations in order to enhance in office workflows, as well as further optimize the online experience for new patients. Get in touch with us for a demo on how we can assist our DSO as we have done for others.
  • Multiple insurance companies across the USA use our platform to assist their policyholders with their dental emergencies in order to comply with state requirements for a sustainable Teledentistry prog.
  • Teledentistry.com is also the nations first Value Added Benefit to a dental insurance policy for PPO type insurance policies.
  • Teledentistry.com is the first teledentistry company to deploy a sustainable emergency room non-traumatic dental diversion program into a major hospital system.
  • Universities deploy our technology in order to train students on emerging technologies so they are prepared for the future of interactions with patients. Our protocols are integrated into the curriculum of multiple universities.

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