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SourceClub is a strategic sourcing partner for dental practices and DSOs. We are able to deliver massive savings to our clients by administering a strategic, structured operating plan that has a proven track record of success. With our innovative procurement process, we can guarantee savings along with doctor and organizational buy-in. We help you organize, consolidate, and maximize organizational earning potential.

  • We help DSOs streamline the procurement of clinical and non-clinical supplies. This includes cost reduction for each item purchased, reducing redundant SKUs, and implementing procurement software on the DSO's behalf.
  • Services include distributor RFPs, consolidation of non-clinically sensitive products, consolidation of clinically sensitive products (if requested), and implementation of their procurement software. We do not sell procurement software, but will build out the infrastructure the DSO requires of the software to maximize operational effectiveness.
  • Only SourceClub knows what other DSOs pay for their products and can negotiate on their behalf to maximize savings. Additionally, only SourceClub includes implementation of procurement software and building out the KPIs of the procurement department for the DSO.
  • SourceClub creates a customized procurement solution for the DSO, saving them millions of dollars on the same supplies they already order. This solution streamlines their supply chain, while also building clinician buy-in so that everyone wins.
  • Save DSOs money on supplies and help them manage their budgets better through implementation of procurement software

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