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Solmetex is the only provider of complete dental water safety solutions, offering a comprehensive range of proven products and expert support to assure clean, safe, and well-maintained water in, through and out of the dental office. Solmetex understands the importance of maintaining high standards of water quality in the dental office and provide clients with the tools and resources necessary to achieve this. Solmetex specializes in water chemistry, process engineering and chemical separation science and offers waste management products and services through a series of specialized processes and systems that removes mercury from the waste streams and biofilm and bacteria growth, enabling dental offices to run their practices safely.

  • Manufacturer of whole office water filtration, silver activated water treatment, water testing, waterline cleaning and maintenance, modern dental isolation system with modern evacuation, waterline waste and amalgam capture and disposal and tankless dry vacuum intended for water treatment and management.
  • Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator; Sterisil AC+, G4 and G5 water filtration; Sterisil Straw; DryShield All-in-One Isolation System; PowerScrub waterline cleaner; Citrisil Shock and Maintenance Tablets; MyCheck in-office, RapidCheck mail-in and StandardCheck mail-in water tests; NXT DryVac
  • Solmetex is the only company solely focused on dental water quality and safety, with market-leading products and best-in-class customer support. Solmetex helps dentistry stay out in front of increasing regulatory requirements for water safety, and provides efficiacy that exceeds safety standards to ensure compliance.
  • Dentistry’s leading provider in clean water, patient safety and waste recycling, Solmetex’ Complete Continuum of Care makes waterline compliance simple and reliable.
  • One-stop solution for all dental office waterline safety, cleaning, treatment, maintenance and recycling and environmental compliance.

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