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Prior to writing a single line of code, our founder dedicated years to working as a dental consultant, gaining insights from numerous dental practices. Over time, it became evident that a common issue persisted among most dental practices, leading to the birth of RecallMax™. The authenticity of our expertise, earned through hands-on experience, has empowered us to create purpose-driven software, streamlining solo and DSO dental practices to achieve growth. This is why we proudly hold the esteemed position as the leading productivity enhancement tool in the dental industry today.

  • RecallMax™ offers more than just reminders for recalls. Our cutting-edge software is specifically engineered to enhance productivity and streamline operations, leading to consistent revenue growth within dental practices.
  • Communication software, productivity software, recall software, automated messaging, appointment scheduling, online bookings, text messaging, patient email marketing
  • Distinguishing ourselves from competitors, we possess unparalleled expertise in the dental field, with a cumulative experience of over 250 years.
  • Over the years, we have gathered and analyzed the responses of more than 88 million patients, allowing us to provide actionable insights that guarantee practice growth.
  • Our comprehensive understanding of the dental industry extends to every level, from dental administration teams to office managers and dentists, all the way up to the corporate level in groups and DSOs.

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