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A computer vision company focused on delivering AI solutions that elevate the global standard of care in dentistry.

  • Powered by Dental AI
  • Second Opinion: Second Opinion® The first real-time dental AI platform that automatically detects numerous conditions in dental x-rays to give dentists a second set of eyes for superior radiologic accuracy.
  • Practice Intelligence® Spin practice data into profit, practitioner performance and patient health with computer vision-enabled clinical performance insights from the global leader in dental AI.
  • Prep Assess enables dental practice and labs to assess the quality of margins and scans in real-time––allowing dental offices to easily improve preps and recapture impressions while patients are still in the chair and labs to produce restorations with precision fit
  • Smart Margin - Our AI-powered technology has been trained by dental professionals to instantly mark margins with super-human accuracy. Saving time and expense , Smart Margin revolutionizes the restorative workflow for dental labs and their clients.

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