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Overjet is pioneering the next era of dentistry. Modern DSOs and insurance companies are realizing the clinical and operational value of innovative technologies and moving towards smart operations that leverage artificial intelligence. Guided by a patient-centric AI, Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform offers more data points in x-rays than previously possible. It integrates with major practice management and imaging systems to guide clinicians to arrive at precise & accurate diagnostic decisions, better care and patient outcomes that drive dentistry forward.

  • Overjet is the global leader in dental artificial intelligence, helping both payers and providers improve patient care.
  • Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies, and integrates actionable insights into systems and workflows to operationalize a feedback loop between payers, providers, and patients.
  • Every day, some of the largest DSOs and insurance companies rely on accurate information provided by Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform to deliver care and service to patients
  • Overjet is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world
  • Overjet’s FDA-cleared AI platform for decay detection, calculus detection, and bone loss quantification helps you drive transformational clinical & operational improvements across your locations

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