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Myla is where dental teams get the breach prevention knowledge they need to work safely with patient and practice information. *For Cyber Insurance - Proof of Security Awareness Training *For Regulatory Compliance - Proof of Security Awareness Training *Breach Prevention Strategies *Cybersecurity Basic Training for Dental Teams *Cybersecurity for Dentists *Cybersecurity - Practice Management

  • Myla is the only breach prevention training made for dental professionals.
  • Operate safely with patient and practice data with bite-sized cybersecurity awareness training programs made for dental practices and their teams.
  • Bite Sized Lessons - Dental Specific - No Geek Speak! - World Class Instructors - Instant ROI - Access Immediately Anywhere
  • Cybersecurity awareness training that provides dental professionals with the skills needed to prevent breaches, ransomware, and data theft at work (and at home).
  • FREE - Take a moment to keep your dental patients and practice data safe with cybersecurity alerts, updates, and tips that are relevant to dental professionals and practices in Canada.

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