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A managed service provider focused on the needs of small to mid size business.  With past experience in the financial services, tax preparation, accounting, dental, and merchant services fields, we are able to scope out and handle most situations that arise.

  • Hardware Reviews - Managed Cloud Backups - On Call Support Techs - New Office Builds - Open Dental Conversions - Antivirus & Malware Protection - Security Patch Management
  • Pain-free Onboarding - No Transition Costs - Month to Month Contract
  • Tailored Dental IT Vision - Industry experts create a custom IT growth plan that is tailored to your DSO vision and budget.
  • Proactive Hardware Review - A comprehensive proactive IT equipment review that supports you on your IT journey.
  • A Dedicated Projects Team - Never worry again if your IT team can handle your upcoming project, no matter the size.

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