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HR for Health is a cloud-based human resources software designed to simplify HR for healthcare practices while minimizing legal risk and ensuring compliance with federal and state laws.  HR for Health delivers Fortune 1000 technology to doctors by unifying an employment management system, time clock interface and communication tools in a paperless environment. With the guidance of HR for Health, offices across the nation have succeeded in optimizing interactions, managing collaborative employee relationships, increasing revenues and reducing costs.

  • HR software for dental and medical practices.
  • The only HR software solution designed specifically for dental and medical practices. Achieve HR compliance effortlessly and elevate employee performance.
  • Avoid Lawsuits, Save Money, & Boost Employee Performance
  • 4 For the Price of 1 - You could pay for a dedicated payroll, timekeeping, HR advising, and 401(k) software but why waste the money?
  • Let us show you how we cut to-do lists in half, duck, dodge, and weave lawsuits, all while saving you money. We're talking 100% HR compliance, seamless automation, and more.

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