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DifferentKind is the dental patient experience leader, enabling dental professionals to measure and optimize patient experiences and outcomes, driving improved revenue by maximizing patient and staff loyalty and trust.

  • Different Kind collects Patient Reported Experience and Outcome data that is then aggregated and displayed in a custom dashboard for providers, staff, regional managers, etc to highlight successes and target areas for improvement.
  • Patients receive practice-branded communication in their preferred format (SMS, email) the day after their appointment requesting feedback about their experience and outcomes. Our machine learning ready data produces actionable, targeted insights to help dental teams improve across 14 experience metrics and 4 outcomes metrics using proven methodologies.
  • The current patient experience solutions are built primarily for hospitals. We are built by dental professionals for dental professionals.
  • We integrate into PMS to gather real time patient feedback and also provide deeper analysis of patient experience based on appointment type, provider, etc.
  • DifferentKind provides unique improvement insights to drive patient experience and outcomes, leading to improved treatment completion reduced patient attrition, reduced staff turnover, and reduced malpractice claims.

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