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DCS helps dental groups and private practices maximize their revenue by providing expert revenue cycle management services. DCS shortens the time between the date of service and receipt of payment, so you can focus on delivering high-quality dental care. We ensure that the RCM process is efficient, accurate, and fully compliant with current regulations. DCS provides peace of mind that you’re receiving maximum revenue, while reducing your expenses across the board. Our extensive industry experience allows us to quickly pinpoint and correct issues, avoiding delays and costly rework. Our full range of RCM services, performed by experts from credentialing to AR cleanup, provides you with cost-efficient, accurate, and compliant processes.

  • With DCS, you can expect increased revenue, simplified processes, and freedom to focus on your clinical care.
  • Our proven DCS Expert-Driven Revenue Growth Framework replaces legacy systems. DCS experts use our workflow and automation tools to make it easier for you to grow your dental business. Plus, we stay current with changes in insurance billing regulations, helping you stay compliant.
  • End-to-end RCM services, including: Credentialing your providers, Verifying insurance eligibility, Creating and filing clean claims, Patient billing, Insurance follow-up, AR management
  • We help private practices, emerging groups, and DSOs collect millions more in revenue
  • 3-time winner, Inc 5000. 4-time winner University of Georgia Bulldog 100. And 100+ 5-star Google reviews from happy customers!

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