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Delegated DDS is the answer to ensuring your organization is equipped with the best credentialing products and services. We specialize in integrating customized software with built-in workflows that fits the requirements of your team to achieve expedited delegated status. We strive to offer a collection of programs that range from full-service administration to helping you identify how to make your current processes stronger. Whether it be doing all the heavy lifting for your company or providing consulting services, our team at Delegated DDS is the solution you need.

  • Full Service - Let Delegated DDS handle all of the heavy lifting for your organization to achieve delegated status and administer your program.
  • Delegr8 Software - Enjoy the benefits of a software platform with built-in workflows and logic specifically designed for delegated credentialing with Delegr8.
  • SmartPSV - Ensure that your team is completing the PSV process correctly every time with SmartPSV.
  • Policies & Procedures - Need credentialing Policies & Procedures that support delegated credentialing requirements?  We can help!
  • Consulting Services - Let us help you by identifying the gaps in your current processes that are keeping you from enjoying the benefits of delegated credentialing

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