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DDSmatch.com specializes in connecting buyers and sellers by integrating tremendous relationship capabilities. "The Trusted Transition Process” is a key element of transition success, and is supported by a robust website, experienced advisors and dental industry specific knowledge.  Thad Miller, founder of ddsmatch.com, envisioned a better way for dentists to make practice. What if the process could be professional, streamlined and efficient? Utilizing technology, yet never losing the human touch? These questions led him to found ddsmatch.com in 2009. Today, hundreds of transitions later, a team of ddsmatch professionals across the country works to help dentists transition their legacies.

  • Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in dental practice transitions, listing your dental practice for sale, and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!
  • Conceptual Transition Experience - We help visualize your future, set achievable goals and devise strategies to start you in the direction of your post-transition dreams, well in advance of your intended dental transition timeframe.
  • Unique to the industry… at DDSmatch.com, we use only Certified Valuation Analysts by Blue & Company to provide the most comprehensive appraisal of your practice.
  • Clinical Opportunity Blueprint - Using Dr. Charles Blair’s “Practice Booster Clinical Treatment Analyzer” we reveal your practice’s potential in a 70-page report. This blueprint of opportunities detailing production mix and intensity, new patient flow and more will give potential buyers confidence in their future success.
  • Thinking about a future dental transition? DDSmatch has created the Practice Optimizer Experience™, a proven process to help you prepare, plan and prioritize for your future transition.

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