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Ciro is a small business search engine with hand-verified leads. Reach +90% of small medical practices in the US. Start making data-driven sales today. Better data, better results.

  • Ciro has built a living breathing database with the most comprehensive list of medical practices across the US.
  • We provide all the relevant information in one place so you can focus on selling vs. sleuthing around the internet. Decision-maker name & bio. AI-generated opening lines. Local landmarks & fun facts.
  • Our industry leading accuracy & coverage enables you to accurately target relevant leads by removing the junk from your pipeline. Every record human-verified by phone. Lowest number of duplicates in industry. Syncs CRM to find net-new accounts.
  • Get notifications about businesses in your territory so you know when a prospect is ready to buy. Alerts for new practices in your territory. Know when practice changes their tech. Get updated when practice joined industry association.
  • Works Day 1 with your CRM.

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