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Bluelight Analytics is driven to improve dentistry through enhanced light curing. More than 50% of dental revenue relies on light curing but only 20% of doctors actually test the output of their lights. Only 10% of dental assistants have had proper training on curing best practices. Our CheckUp Smart Radiometer is the first and only device that measures light output and then applies machine learning algorithms coupled with our vast database of materials to determine if the curing light will work for those materials. We aim to enable better, more profitable dentistry and clinical outcomes that help turn patients into promoters.

  • Curing Light Testing
  • CheckUp Smart Radiometer
  • We have the only cloud connected radiometer with integrated materials compatibility analysis.
  • We also provide curing light best practices to ensure materials are polymerized the first time.
  • No company has our level of expertise in dental polymerization.

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